Solar Powered Owl Brown K12-3208BR


SKU: K12-3208B

Solar Powered Owl Brown K12-3208B

We call them "Solar Powered owl". Cat's tail is moved by Solar Powere. When you look the faical expression and wings, we can relax,and have peace of mind. We recommend you chose the owl you like color and decorate it in your house.

It's made of Rayon. The material is Chirimen, is Japanese silk crepe. The owl's wing is sharking by Solar power.

The owl sit down tree stump. It is say that the owl means lucky and what you cannot have trouble.We recommend for gift.

The solar will have been moving forever if the parts doesn't break. If owl's wing doesn't work,please look whether the parts of solar is exposed sunlight or light. If solar panel is dirty,please wipe it off with waste cloth.
*If you dorp the owl, it's easy to break,please be carefull.

size : H 14 x W 14 x D 10cm
size : H 5 3/4 x W 3 1/2 x D 3 1/2 inch

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