Solar powered Maru Maru Shiba Dog



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Those Solar Powered devises make us sending customers, sending money and sending happiness.
Just install to the anywhere in the entrance of the house
If you open the store, please install to the show window or check out counter.

Solar devise is inside. No battery is needed.
Please install your solar powered cats on the flat place.
Please avoid direct sunlight. Your solar powered items are waving by room lights.
Please avoid to put them on the steel desk or steel shelves because inside magnet attract iron.
Please do not hit to anything nor drop them.
As long as you have suitable light, those devises are moving semipermanently.
It is better and works well when you use a reflection of the light.
In the case of desk surface is dark, it may not work well.
If you want to stop moving devises, just stay away from the light.

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