LIV HEART Bath Spomge 97823-11


SKU: 97823-11

LIV HEART Bath Spomge 97823-11


Relax bath series that makes you look forward to bath time.

A body sponge with fluffy foam that allows you to choose between two types of washing comfort.
*Bubbly mesh fabric
*The belly area is made of pile fabric that is soft and comfortable to wash.

It is hygienic with a loop that can be dried as it is.
After use, please squeeze the water tightly and hook it on the loop.

Size : W16/D10.5/H7.5cm
Size : W6.3/D4.13/H2.95in

Lining: 100% polyester
Pile part: 70% rayon, 30% cotton
Middle material: 100% polyester

Made in China

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