Kyoohoo Lacquer Ware Koban Lunch Box Yuzen Rose


SKU: K03-4214A

Kyoohoo Lacquer Ware Koban Lunch Box Yuzen Rose

5 3/8 (w) x 3 3/4 (l) x 3 (h)

Material : Plastic_?Urethane Paint

Lacquer Ware is one of the most famous Japanese traditional crafts, and it is originated more than 5,000 years ago.  Throughout the long-standing history, the technique of Japanese lacquer has been improved and refined. Lacquer Ware is usually wooden-made, Urushi is a natural paint extracted from urushi tree, and its original tone of color and brightness firmly draw a line from others. This painting and polishing processes are repeated several times to robust the products.  After the Lacquer Ware is carefully painted, it is sometimes decorated with gold powder, gold foil or nacre to make it shinier. Hence, Japanese Lacquer Ware is crafted through various manufacturing processes. These Japanese Lacquer Wares vary from everyday- use items such as soup bowl, rice bowl, plate and cup to luxury furniture and tea ceremony set. These products are symbols of Japanese culture and are deeply rooted in our daily life.

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