Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Temari (k12-4356)


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Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Temari (k12-4356)

Material is dog wood. The white wood is very beautiful.This
is Temari of Kokeshi that is a traditional handcraft. The
natural colors and doll's atmosphere make us relaxed. Kimono
dress is painted some red plums and gold clouds.The cheek face is lovely oreange.The ribbon is also one of points.There
is a red Mari ball that is the Japanese ancient toy. Red and gold plums are painted on her ball. The doll of short brown hair style is typical Japanese. It will become popular soon.
The craftman is one of famous kokeshi artists in Japan.

Material : Wood (Mizuki)
Origin : Japan

Kokeshi Dolls are major dolls in Japan which are made from wood.
Their origin was in Edo era (1603A.D. - 1867A.D.) as souvenirs for the injured at hotsprings.
Since then kokeshi craftn's skills to make grains and paint was so developed that kokeshis became ornamental dolls.

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