Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Samurai blue (K12-4339B)


SKU: K12-4339B

Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Samurai blue (K12-4339B)

Kokechi is modern Kokeshi that young craftman made. The doll is not only new design but also they have traditonal skill. Samurai is one popular simbols in Japane.The samurai doll look like strong but the design is cool and cute.He has his sword front of body.We call the hair style "Cyonmage" in Japanese. It's samurai's simbol.

Material : Wood (Mizuki)
Origin : Japan
W5 / D5 / H10cm

Kokeshi Dolls are major dolls in Japan which are made from wood.
Their origin was in Edo era (1603A.D. - 1867A.D.) as souvenirs for the injured at hotsprings.
Since then kokeshi craftn's skills to make grains and paint was so developed that kokeshis became ornamental dolls.

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