kyoohoo Cotton Furoshiki Small Size Imari Hyoutan Red


SKU: K02-M2-304B

kyoohoo Cotton Furoshiki Small Size Imari Hyoutan Red

Materials : cotton
It’s the most popular textile as a natural material and washable.
We have many choices of sizes from.

Size : 19 1/2 inch

History of Furoshiki
Long time ago, furoshiki was used for the cover of dancer's dress.
At Nara era, some temples had steam saunas and people had sat on furoshiki.
At Muromachi era, the nobles used furoshiki with their family crests to distinguish from others when they go to public spa.
At Edo era, public sauna was getting popular among people with furoshiki.
And they started to use furoshiki in some special occasion like picnic, hiking etc.
After Edo era, the most popular furoshiki was made of cotton and hand printed.
After Meiji era, it was necessary to use for any ceremonial occasion like wedding.
And people have used it as a bag for business, school in their daily lives.
After World War Two, many types of furoshiki has been produced by the developed printing technique and artificial fiber with mass-production. Because of it, many organization started to make their novelty furoshiki with their logo.
Today furoshiki is used as a eco-friendly product instead of plastic bag. In the 2011 earthquake of the Pacific coast of Tohoku, they were provided furohshiki and used for wrapping their belongings.

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