Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Sachinohana XS (k12-3826)


SKU: k12-3826

Kyoohoo Japanese Kokeshi Doll Sachinohana XS (k12-3826)

blooming red and white ume neat and clean in black Kimono. This sweet Kokeshi look like bring happiness by Japanese bush warbler which tell us coming spring. It was made by Uzaburo.

Original Title : Sachinohana Mame (Meaning : Flowers of Happiness (XS))
Material : Wood (Mizuki)
Origin : Japan

Kokeshi Dolls are major dolls in Japan which are made from wood.
Their origin was in Edo era (1603A.D. - 1867A.D.) as souvenirs for the injured at hotsprings.
Since then kokeshi craftn's skills to make grains and paint was so developed that kokeshis became ornamental dolls.


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