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Two layers of chocolate are exquisite
With its exquisite taste, it has been a very popular product since its release. Two types of matcha and milk chocolate melt! Milk chocolate is coated with matcha chocolate that uses stone milled Uji matcha luxuriously. The two layers of chocolate and the matcha powder sprinkled on the surface are a perfect balance and melt in your mouth.

Matcha lovers will love this sweet! !!
If you eat one, you will want to eat another and you will not stop.
After all, the matcha powder sprinkled on the surface and the two types of chocolate in two layers are a perfect balance!
The scent of Uji matcha fills your mouth and spreads with the sweetness of chocolate.
If you want to try it once, please purchase this product.

Commitment because it is a teahouse
Uses Uji matcha that can only be made at a teahouse.
We use only Uji matcha, which is made by pulling tencha with a stone mill.
The taste of tea and the sweetness of matcha enhance the taste.

60g (2.12 oz) 

sugar,cocoa butter,whole milk powder,cocoa mass,green tea,lactose,skim milk powder,emulsifier,flavoring(including some milk components and soybeans)

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