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Rice crackers full of Kyoto-ness
Since its founding in 1918, the long-established store "Seki Seika Honpo" has been dedicated to manufacturing Kyoto rice crackers.
Based on the philosophy of "creating products that pursue deliciousness, security and safety, and create smiles for customers" and "contributing to a bright and peaceful society through making sweets," we have maintained that quality and inherited the tradition for generations. ..

This "Kyoto no Shikisai" is a product full of Kyoto-ness that expresses the four seasons of Kyoto with matcha branding iron with four types of branding irons, Kiyomizu-dera, Sanjo Ohashi, Arashiyama, and Kinkaku-ji, and honey from the branding iron. is.
You can enjoy the taste of Kyoto with your eyes as well as the flavor of Kyoto rice crackers.

8.11 oz. (20pieces)

wheat flour(manufactured in Japan),sugar,eggs,matcha/baking agent,antioxidant(vitamin E),coloring agent(red chilli pigment),acetic acid.(include wheat and eggs)

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