Green Flash MemoPad Square OV-003

Green Flash

SKU: OV-003

Green Flash MemoPad Square OV-003

Design:Chicken [Cook of Cock]

The inside contains 4 types of memos with different designs.

The cover is a clear type hard PVC with a raised embossed print.
A memo pad with the motif of a fictitious chicken restaurant in Asia.

Chicken [Cook of Cock]
Self-proclaimed world's most delicious chicken restaurant
Chickens are said to be auspicious because they sing first at the beginning of the year.
In the same series, sticky notes, ballpoint pens, masking tape, A5 notebooks, A4 pocket clear files, triangular pen pouches, and flat pouches are available.
You can enjoy the exotic atmosphere even if you arrange them with the same pattern or combine different patterns.

4 patterns x 25 each
made in japan

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