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5 original weekday blends and 5 plus flavored weekend blends.
There are five original weekday blends: Gyokuro, Sencha, Black tea, Tencha, and Hojicha.
All of the finest tea leaves purchased directly from Kyoto and Uji tea farmers.
We have a lineup unique to the to the, such as rare Uji tea and Tencha, which is rarely found on the market.

There are 5 types of plus flavor weekend blends: Mint, Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon and Camomile.
We have prepared a variety that you can enjoy according to your mood.
Based on Uji Sencha, the to the original flavored tea is made with natural herbs and fruit as it is, without using fragrances.
Please enjoy the fresh taste that is different from the flavored tea that is only scented.

5 types that support weekdays and
We offer 5 types of plus flavors that encourage you to relax on the weekends.
thé to thé investigates the weekly biorhythms of workers and
We select tea leaves suitable for each day of the week.
Tencha and Uji tea, which are the basis of matcha, etc.
Please enjoy the deliciousness that is hard to find anywhere else.

1.55 oz. (10Packages)


Blue Monday, which tends to make you feel depressed.
Enjoy boost tea that awakens your motivation while gently healing your mind with a mellow taste.
"SHIKON Blend" is Gyokuro.
Gyokuro is a tea grown by covering the tea plantation with Yoshizu and straw for about 20 days and blocking the sunlight when a few sprouts have begun to open.
By limiting the light and growing sprouts, the production of amino acids (theanine) into catechins is suppressed, and the taste is less astringent and rich in umami. It features a "covering scent" that resembles the scent of seaweed.

If I get the job done on Tuesday, I'll be on track for a week.
Frequently recharge with refreshing tea with a refreshing aftertaste.

"NADESHIKO Blend" is sencha.

Tea made by the most common method of steaming and kneading to make rough tea is called "sencha".
It has a moderate astringency and a refreshing aroma, and is the most popular tea that is refreshing and accounts for more than 80% of the distribution in Japan.

Wednesday is a turning point.
It's a day when tiredness tends to appear on your face, so bring out your feelings with aroma tea.
Polyphenols that overcome gentle sweetness and stress support the day.

"AKANE Blend" is Uji tea made from Uji tea leaves.

The overall feature is "less astringent and sweet".
Theaflavin and thearubigin, a type of polyphenol contained in black tea, have antioxidant properties and suppress active oxygen.
Up to 30% more crushing feeling with black tea! It seems to do.

It's Thursday when I'm getting tired.
Incorporate the relaxing effect of theanine so you don't get frustrated.
We recommend Tencha, which calms your feelings.

"ASAGI Blend" is Tencha.

Tencha is a tea that has been roasted and dried without kneading, and is the raw material for matcha.
It is rare that you can taste Tencha tea because it is not on the market in the state of Tencha.
Tencha, which has the highest content of theanine among Japanese teas, can be expected to have a relaxation effect and an effect of improving concentration and memory.

Thank you for a week.
A maintenance tea that will take care of your tired body is perfect for Friday.
Let's calm down the high spirits in a busy week and have a relaxing weekend.

"MOEGI Blend" is roasted green tea.

Hojicha is a tea that brings out the aroma of sencha, bancha, and kukicha by roasting them over high heat until they turn golden brown.
The scent component "pyrazine" peculiar to roasted green tea has a relaxing effect and an effect of increasing blood flow.
By roasting, caffeine sublimates (a phenomenon in which caffeine changes directly from solid to gas), and you can enjoy the aroma and refreshing light taste.

Recommended mint tea when you want to change your mood.
The refreshing taste of mint will refresh your mood.
It will refresh your mouth, so it is recommended to drink it before going out.

A fresh fruit flavor.
The bittersweet yoga of Uji sencha is filled with fresh incense, and the taste of drinking is also improved.
I also have morning cork.


Ginger with a spicy taste that makes you feel energy.
It is delicious with a spicy accent added to the mellowness of Uji sencha.
This flavor is also recommended when you are tired or feel chills.

Recommended cinnamon tea even when you have a cold.
Uji Sencha is a delicious flavored tea with a mild astringency and a sweet scent of cinnamon.
It is delicious that gives you vitality even when you are under stress.

A plus flavor that adds chamomile, which is known as a relaxing herb, to Uji sencha.
This flavor is recommended when you are tired but nervous and cannot sleep, or when you want to take a break.
It is a delicious taste that is healed by the gentle taste and the scent of chamomile.

In Kyotanabe City, Kyoto, which is said to produce the finest Uji tea products
The Nishikawa and Kitagawa families are known as long-established tea farmers.
Craft tea "thé to thé" was created by two long-established tea gardens working together.
I would like you to easily drink high-quality tea leaves with a high threshold while maintaining their deliciousness.
Tea that is delicious no matter who brews it, and what makes it possible is the technology of selecting and blending tea leaves.
The growth of tea varies depending on the temperature and sunshine hours of the year.
The tea leaves of the craft tea "thé to thé" are only harvested in the best condition.
That is our commitment that can only be made in our own tea garden.

The resulting craft tea "thé to thé"
The luxurious taste of high-quality tea leaves. A gentle scent that heals the mind.
And abundant active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, and polyphenols.
I don't have time to make a cup of tea for myself.
We hope that those who live such a busy life will make use of the power of tea.

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