Kyoto, as the heart of Japanese culture and history , has prospered for over 1200 years and is famous as the center of Japanese traditional arts and crafts.
It is a city that represents items not only by its local craftsmen an d artisans, but by those from across the country.
These craftsmen maintain the centuries old skills of their art and continue to produce wares in the traditional manner.
Just as we have done for generations in Japan, through our new organization, KYOOHOO, our p resent goal is to provide a broader range of customers with access to the elega nt and sophisticated products of these craftsmen.
KYOOHOO (Kyo-fu), an association f ormed by many of these traditional artisans, hopes you will enjoy the sele ction of fine goods that we have to offer.

This association, KYOOHOO (Kyo-fu), is comprised of more than ten companies, which represent various traditional goods and produ cts of Kyoto, Japan.
Our products, including bamboo crafts, Buddha crafts, ceramics, f ashion accessories, furniture, kimonos, paper crafts, textiles, and tatami-mats, a s well as many other items, are highly respected in Japan for their level of beauty and quality.
we now hope to introduce these items to the United States. we beli eve that the products we have to offer are functional and useful not only in Japan, but also in the United States and other countries as well.

Kyoto has long been established as a leading produc er of high quality products in the traditional crafts world.
Now we would like you to see and experience the beauty of our culture and the refined quality of its products firsthand.X X

The ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, is also known as a time-honored producer of quality textiles and dyeing techniques, and these have long found favor with the imperial court as well as the general populace throughout the country. Tapping into the wealth of advanced technologies accumulated over the years, KYOOHOO markets apparels of its own design for people the world over. Practical yet comforting, apparels from KYOOHOO give peace of mind to those who wear them and also to the people around them.
* Main products :
Japanese clothing in general; aprons (employing kimono-making techniques); T-shirts, hats and jackets featuring the techniques and designs of Nishijin brocade; accessories (wallets, purse cases, bags, etc.)

Throughout its long history, Kyoto has elevated the act of eating to an artistic form, where food is arranged in such a way that arouses the appetite and at the same time enriches the diner's state of mind. Each dish is prepared in a perfect harmony between food and container, reflecting the exquisite delicacy of each season. It is Kyoto's original craftsmanship Kiyomizu ware and Kyo-shikki (lacquerware), to name but a few that underpins the artistic sensitivity in food arrangements. KYOOHOO helps make a difference in your dining experience.
* Main products :
Tableware (lacquerware, Kiyomizu ware, Japanese paper); plates (lacquered, Japanese paper), bowls (lacquered, Kiyomizu ware); bottles and cups for sake (Kiyomizu ware); coffee cups (Kiyomizu ware); chopsticks and chopstick rests (lacquered); boxes of Japanese paper, etc.

Harmonizing with any cultural setting of the world, KYOOHOO's housing line creates a space for spiritual healing, relaxing and entertaining guests, thus realizing a comfortable and affluent lifestyle.
* Main products :

Tatami mats, tatami beds, futon mattresses, cushions, byobu (folding screens), parasols (employing kimono-making techniques), etc.

*Tatami products: Made from the mat rush, tatami is a mat used for flooring. The mat rush keeps a room comfortable by absorbing and retaining moisture, purifies the air, has heat insulating properties, and also isolates sound.

*Folding screens: Folding screens made it possible to create an exquisite space in the interior, together with Japanese paper and dyeing of Kyoto, as well as the many objects of art that provide the motif.

Paper collections, Accessories and Home decor etc

Kyoto is home to a variety of crafts that incorporate many clever ideas. For example, kumihimo braids are used for broad applications such as catches for clothing and the cords of pouches by combining hundreds of braiding patterns. Along with this, sundry goods have added charms to our lifestyle and dolls can turn a living space into a place of spiritual healing and relaxation. KYOOHOO offers these products that enrich and accentuate people's lives.

* Main products :

Furoshiki (wrapping cloth), Japanese-style accessories and dolls, Zushi (small cupboard): KYOOHOO reinvented its function arranging the living space in such a way as to focus on your precious items for modern settings.

Kumihimo (braids) and fusa (tassels): It was applied to a broad range of items, including Buddhist altar fittings, cords for pocket watches, and hair ornaments, etc.

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