RO-BIKI NOTE BASIC STYLE 4.5mm Ruled Square GA021

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SKU: GA021

RO-BIKI NOTE BASIC STYLE 4.5mm Ruled Square GA021

premium paper / 60pages / rough texture / all pens

Original Wax Paper NotebookWax Paper is used for the cover of these notebook series. The more you use it, the more crumples and scracthes it gets. It is recommended for those who enjoy the aging.

Draw on our own paper wholesaler experience, we carefully selected a special paper for this product. Excellent writing quality, not only for pencils and ballpoint pens, but also for fountain pens and attachment pens.

Our thread stich binding system will increase book binding strength. So even if it turns back 360 °,  even if a long time passes, the page never falls out.

91/55 mm is a original standard size. Easy to put in your pocket. Vertical size to write a lot. For  use on a desk. Use outdoors. It is the size considered to be able to deal with various scenes.

plain 60 pages
wax paper cover

100% recycled paper
Made in Japan

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